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Communication for the food to make with the Muslim ... - J-Stage Brunei Customs, habits, health, etc. Customs, habits Since the beginning of the king a large number of the population is Muslim, the precepts of Islam have been strictly enforced. When you visit a mosque, etc., please, especially women avoid clothing that exposed skin. Also, is forbidden to perform in front of the Muslim acts contrary to drinking, such as precepts. In extreme cases, there is also likely to be imposed penalties on the Sharia penal code because it must have sufficient attention. In addition, if you want to sit with the elders and government officials at a meeting, use the index finger when it refers to the leg crossing and people and things of (usually use the thumb) it has been with the irreverent act. Health situation, illness, medical circumstances According to the () Brunei government authorities, but are not endemic, such as malaria and hepatitis, in the neighboring Malaysia territory have these diseases occasionally occurs. In recent years, cases of dengue fever in Brunei has increased.

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